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Where can I see and buy your jewelery?
By appointment you are always welcome in one of my workshops in Arnhem NL and Příštpo CZ. Here you can view my entire collection and the limited editions in peace and quiet. If you are a reseller I can also visit you on location with the jewelry that you like the most. The website will always mention my latest exhibitions where a big part of my juwelrycollection can be admired.
Are deer specially killed for the jewelry?
Of course NOT!
For the manufacture of my jewelery I buy all deer antlers in Eastern Europe that we know as so-called hunting trophies from widlife managers, foresters, hunters and wildlife collectors. These deer antlers are between 25 - 100 years old. During my travels and wanderings in the forests of the Czech Republic, southern Poland and Slovakia I also search intensively in nature for so-called ' throw-off rods'. In Eastern Europe good locations for buying deer antlers are also the local antiques fairs and second-hand shops.
Can I order jewelry with special colors Bohemian glass beads?
It is always possible to order jewelery in a color(s) or color combination of your own personal choice.
If I do not have these colors in stock in my studio, I will have to order them especially for you. This means that the delivery time will of course be longer. Some colors of Bohemian glass beads are substantially more expensive than the standard colors. These include the colors gold, silver, (transparent) yellow and orange but in my collection you will probably have enough choice that will meet your needs.
Does the price and delivery time differ when I order large quantities?
If you order multiple copies of one specific design, you will always receive a discount. I use the following discount percentages: 10 - 25 pieces 10%, 26 - 50 pieces 15% and above 50 - 100 pieces 20% discount. If the jewelery and materials are in stock you should assume the normal delivery time. If I still have to make the jewelry, or still have to order materials, the delivery time will of course be longer than normal and I will inform you in advance. Thank you for your understanding.
Can I order special packaging?
All necklaces are delivered, at no extra charge, in exclusive black magnetic boxes with textile inlay whereby the color of the inlay is matched to the unique piece of jewelry. By default the jewelery is packed in transparent vacuum bags so that the design remains very visible.
This method of packaging also ensures that no damage can occur during transport and takes up little space so that the transport costs are limited for you. If you have more specific wishes, this is of course also possible. Please contact me for this and together we will look for the best solution tailored to your needs.
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